In order to avoid repeating myself or torturing what I take to be true to fit into the cultural ideas of the times I will be laying very clear foundations for this site. I may devise some codings, colours maybe, which will indicate from where I am coming. For example there may be a colour to indicate “this is a knowing” (definitions will be by link to a glossary page) or “this is a distillation of experience/ a result of research” and so on.

So I begin by saying if you are attached to the idea that existence, the Universe, life, evolution are accidents, then please read no further. These pages are written for those who believe that purpose exists over and above the do-what-you-please dogma of popular culture and its purpose is to share what my teacher called Fragments of  a Great Teaching, in the first instance, and when I am physically able to begin practical work with a group of people where I live it may also serve as a resource for those participants who want to deepen their understanding of the practical work.

The subject matter will be wide-ranging and the viewpoint not of the 20th Century culture which still dominates the world of most humans, for I see little evidence of a new kind of culture emerging, except to some extent in those arisings which have been collectively referred to as The Blessed Unrest.

I begin this site or blog or whatever you want to call it with some trepidation. I think I paid for this site in September 2012 and it is now 5th November. It was hard to start for various reasons, one of them being the fear that I would start something I may never be able to finish because although I will be presenting fragments of those fragments aforementioned, the body of work of between 1,500 and 2,000 people at any one time since 1973 is immense, particularly of the man whom I will continue to call my teacher, who is no longer alive on this planet.

The voice of this introduction is what I may call a general tone in that it is easily accessible but there will likely be other voices, possibly again indicated by colour, matched to the material which is being transmitted.

Enough introduction. Let’s get stuck in.

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