Egypt and Human evolution

The Pyramids at Giza

The theory I give the greatest credence to  is that what remain are relics of an extraterrestrial culture whose pioneers came here before the Sahara was sand in order to help the Human, who had suffered a series of interrelated ‘unfortunate accidents’, catastrophic in nature, to survive as a species so that they could eventually return to performing their natural design function as organic processors, and continue to evolve towards being an important embodiment of the best possibility for sentient life.

Not a hit-and-miss evolution as currently proposed by the nerds, but a gradually unfolding and updating one.

This endeavour was so valued by these very advanced beings that they were willing to sacrifice their natural organic lives to come and live here, knowing that they could never return home except after their physical death, and then possibly after a long period of 1,000s of years spent here but out-of-body and still present as sentient energetic beings (in what we would call ‘astral’ form) to continue to offer unseen guidance and reservoirs of essence to help heal the inevitable by-products that they knew their ‘interference’ would cause.

Their endeavour was to offer an emergent path to counter our degeneration from totally universally connected beings (like super-Buddhas, if you like, our original natural state) to cultures that believe that the physical way of doing things, like our science, technology and medicine, is the only way, as is our current ‘received wisdom (Ha!).

Because they came from a very different environment (electromagnetic atmosphere, not just physical) they had to recreate that environment in a large area of the greatest, most fertile and conducive landmass (Africa) of which the Nile would have been one edge, and possibly including much of what we now know as the Sahara (interesting name, btw) so that they could do their work of genetic engineering and repopulation.

Fundamental to the production of this ‘non-endemic’ atmosphere would have been (possibly 4) Great Pyramids, like the one at Giza, which were solar furnaces concentrating natural radiation from the universe to generate a very powerful electromagnetic field, thousands of square miles in area, which was their natural electromagnetic habitat in order to re-create this off-world atmosphere so they could live and breathe and work here.

Within this highly charged, non-Earth engineered environment things were possible which remain today only as myths.

The purpose of their work was to effect changes to Human DNA and engineer its future unfolding blueprint to arrive at the non-bestial highly sensitive and potentially brilliant model of Human that began as Homo Sapiens. This model was a hybrid with and alternative to such bestial aberrations as pure Neanderthals and other what we call ‘proto-humans’.

This began the process of real evolution (or re-volution) that we may be journeying towards if we survive the contradictory dualistic nature that was one of the essential ingredients of the earlier programming. That was a period of survival of the fittest as a baseline, a temporary and necessary stage, which we now need to leave behind in order to be all that we could be in fulfilment of our potential as universal beings, at least parallel to, but possibly even greater than the original ‘aliens’.

What then must have happened was that one or more of the pyramids exploded with what would have been as powerful as a cataclysmic nuclear event, leaving the northern part of the African continent a radioactive desert for thousands of years… but the human experiment clearly survived.

Because it is probable that they used some of their own genes in the engineering process we are therefore all hybrids of the original species around at the time, possibly more than one variant, and these so-called ‘gods’ or ‘angels’ who were fully evolved beings, I imagine different from us, but existing on a compatible genetic path to that which we were originally oriented.

There have been other interventions, mistakenly perceived as supernatural events and giving rise to what we now mistakenly call ‘religions’, which helped to ‘course-correct’ this unfolding genetic plan.

But it’s a very long and involved story, and I have just started a blog about pretty much ‘all and everything’ which if it gets far enough I will begin to share in the coming months. In this blog I may write about Egypt as part of the origins of the Human and refer to specific evidence from the pyramids, including many of the facts quoted in this fact-based presentation from Science-fact’s photo. Other logistical arguments and threads relate to Egyptian ‘art’ (‘art’ and ‘science’ as such as Leonardo demonstrated are arbitrary divisions of Human works) & Egyptian relics, but also many other fields that support this apparently crazy, outlandish ‘theory’.

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