Solstice – the seed of a new year

Simple summary

The Sun: Great Father, Male, Yellow, Life-giver, Protector, Local Representative of the Male Ray of Creation and the Red Shift Universe with dominion only through his relationship with the Earth, thus Emperor etc

The Earth: Great Mother (Heart), Female, Blue, Contains, nurtures and nourishes multiple expressions of possibility at planetary level, Creativity, Abundance, Diversity, Produce, existing in the Blue Universe which we see around us, expansive, unlimited with dominion over all life here, thus Empress

Their relationship: Father and daughter, wife and husband, partners in honour of each others’ roles

The mechanics:

Human Relationship to both as expressed in a natural dedication: “I will honour my Mother by resistance to the Father and to the Father by resistance to the Mother. Then will I develop above them and honour them twice in that they be housed in me and receive from me by my honour.”


Today is the 21st December 2013, and as I begin the year has just turned from old to new about nine minutes ago. (It is unlikely that this will get published before these days have passed) While the majority of cultures with a history of Christianity since the time of the Emperor Constantine are preparing to celebrate Christmas as both a religious and a secular festival and a national holiday (and around the world literally hundreds of other festivals are celebrated) a minority here in Europe and the West are celebrating the 21st as the Winter Solstice “an astronomical phenomenon occurring in December every year when Sun’s elevation with respect to Earth reaches its lowest value (-25.5 degrees)…  accompanied by the longest day on South Pole and the longest night on North Pole of Earth“. This minority celebration includes Druids, the followers of pre-christian ‘Old’ religions, witches who follow such Earth gods and goddesses as Hecate and so on.

My interest is not with any of those. I am interested in the physical fact of the Sun’s ‘nadir’ or lowest elevation and what this means in the cosmology that I have been studying and developing in myself for 40 plus years. Honestly my study of it in the last five years has been minimal, except maybe to note certain influences of the time. Much of the development in me is automatic, like the development of language in an adult.  To cut to the chase, here is my consideration of what is actually occurring.

In common with many old ways I see the Sun as a male influence, local representative of the Male Ray of Creation, the father or Great Father and the planet as the female influence, the mother or Great Mother. This is not merely symbolic in my life it is a real relationship between two great entities working together in the great scheme of things.

If you are interested in what you may wish to take as a story there is a great deal that turns around this relationship.

Singular – ejaculation of sperm, protection

Diverse – 9 months in the womb, the many stages therein, giving birth, nursing at the breast

It is clear from my studies and experience (not really separate) that the Earth is female in nature, yes, she is seen as a mother in many cultures, but today I experience her as such. She gives birth to millions of forms of life. Her nature is to produce diversity as opposed to singularity with great art and grace and the hidden beauty of a set of natural laws that are as consistent as they are harmonious. It is natural for us to feel moved and connected when we step outside our petty concerns and take in the awe of what she presents to us from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the wild and ancient worn granite mounds of Eastern Anatolia and the feeling of thousands of kilometres of thundering land stretching up to Northern Russia, from the sun rising over any horizon to the breathtaking fullness of space as seen in any area unpolluted by electric lights.

The Sun has a different kind of majesty and power. Incredible power. Totally singular, a vast ball of hydrogen and helium shooting prominences millions of miles into space, fuelling all processes and life on Earth. Without it nothing else in our local system can have any kind of significant existence. The Sun is clearly male, inescapable, locally absolute.

The modern mind may not like this idea by confusing the evolution of male and female human roles with the more ancient roles of planets and suns. Please set thoughts about gender equality/inequality aside for a moment. This is a purely mechanical description, ancient, structural, all about form not content.

Yet when I was describing the Earth I could not exclude a certain amount of content. The content of the Sun is more difficult to describe because apart from the scientific complexities of sun activity it is just a huge ball of fire, as far as we can ascertain. It is the nature of female to be more descriptive and of the male to be less expressive. This would have been easier to illustrate in times when people did not question patriarchal societies. So I will move aside and take a look at two ancient tabloids or tarot cards, The Emperor and the Empress.

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