I have been away, almost dying, and am in the process of learning to live again

I have not yet published the address of this webpage or blog so this is addressed to myself and to anyone who stumbles upon it by accident.

What follows is a brief explanation of why nothing has been published since November 2012, about a year ago, when I still had the intention of doing some hard graft here.

Since I last edited that earlier piece I have been very ill, had 3 major and several minor surgeries and spent a period of 3 months in a hospital bed from which I was released at the end of April 2013.

During that time all my energies have been directed towards physical, emotional and psychological recovery from the greatest ordeal of my life. I may write accounts in other posts on this site, but to summarise there were at least 2 occasions when I was not expected to live and my next of kin were informed. One of these moments was during a coma of 3-4 days and one during a longer period of induced coma probably around 10 days to 2 weeks. I am not sure exactly how long, I may take the trouble to view medical records when I feel inclined.

I am gradually coming to a place of near stability in myself whereby I may be able to start writing again, but I am deliberately practising a life of no intention… I am just beginning to allow myself to have hopes and distant aspirations, but the physical part still has a lot of healing and rehabilitation to do before I know what I may or may not be capable of doing in the future. My psyche is also undergoing some kind of sea change. I have done a great deal of work with the aid of a gifted trauma therapist, but there is more to be done, destination unknown.

So this is just a place-holder for anyone who may visit this page in the meantime. I may write of my progress and there may be a smattering of short pieces. These are likely to be concerned with activism towards a sustainable future and anything that may include, matters of social justice, new ways of living and being, and the body of knowledge that I choose to call the least frightening title of Western Esotericism.

That’s it for now.

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